There are four main knee ligaments that are vulnerable and common to injure, two groups of ligaments that surround the knee – The collateral Ligaments and the Cruciate Ligaments. Osteopathic treatment can greatly help with the recovery of ligament damage, by working with the surrounding structures such as the low back, hip and pelvis, the leg, knee and the foot and ankle.  We can help by unloading the biomechanical strain off the knee and ease the tension going through the knee as well as encouraging and improving the speed of alleviation and regeneration of the injured site by means of osteopathic, manipulation, articulation soft tissue massage and offer further advice at shane huggins osteopathy about exercises rehabilitation and joint/ligament supports.

The knee has a largely significant cartilage inside it called the meniscus.  One of its many important functions is for the friction free smooth movements about the joint.  This soft tissue can be prone to damage especially traumas involving rotation such as twisting and torque at the knee. The meniscus can often become damaged or sprained concurrently when the cruciate ligaments become torn.  The meniscus can be weak and at risk and become torn in the elderly as a result of osteoarthritic changes in the knee joint where there is a weakening and a thinning of the cartilage which can lead to a tear.  This can often happen during walking and changing directions suddenly, squatting or twisting and can result in very acute pain in and around the knee, swelling, clicking, giving way and potentially locking of the knee.

Depending on the extent of the damage will determine how the knee is treated and will affect recovery. Osteopathy can greatly help.

There are many ways to sprain the ankle and each can affect a different part of the ankle.  The most common being the “inversion sprain”, what we all know as a twisted ankle; this is where the foot turns inwards, as a result the outside ligament becomes compromised and the ankle is sprained.  This type of injury can tear the lateral ankle ligaments, strain the joint capsule around the ankle, jam some of the bones on the foot and ankle, tear muscles in the front and outer part of the shin and some cases there can be a fracture to the ankle.

The recovery time very much depends on the extent of the damage and how quickly the ankle is rehabilitated.  Osteopathic rehabilitation at shane huggins osteopathy consists of reducing the swelling and inflammation and alleviating pain followed by breaking down flawed scar tissue formation, articulate and mobilise the foot and ankle, strengthening and rehabilitation  exercises to the foot and ankle.