Osteopathy recognises the importance of the link between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Its aim is to highlight the natural balance of our bodies given the right conditions.

As human beings we ultimately have the adaptability and the responsibilty to help ourselves.

Osteopathic treatment encompasses some techniques such as palpation, articulation of joint and muscles as well joint manipulations and soft tissue massage is also used to help restore a balance within the body and alleviate the symptoms.


My take on Osteopathy


From an early age I had a great interest in the structural and mechanical nature of the human body. I used to contemplate now and again the very basics of the soft tissues by identifying bone and the attachment of muscles; but also identifying the purpose and function of those soft tissues in isolation as well as in unison. What is it that makes the human body function so intricately and so sensitively to the smallest of margins whereby it is able to adjust and adapt to its immediate environment? I could see that simply adjusting however isn’t always a good thing as the body is placed in an unusual setting where the structure and function can become compromised in time and that can be distinguished where the body has reached a plateau in its development, or it has reached appoint of dis – ease and at this point the body is just simply coping and not growing or developing in a natural or positive way. Then what can be done to help break through this brick wall and encourage the body back to its normal state? What can be classified as normal? Surely normal is unique for the individual. So can creating an equilibrium and or even creating a greater potential for the human body to achieve and maintain be possible?

Osteopathy was my choice as it could answer my questions and excel in my expectations of how to address the human body as well as get the best from it.

Osteopathy fashioned its self as a holistic form of primary health care that placed an importance on the uniqueness of the individual in that no two people are the same. Therefore the treatment and the management of the individual was catered for and was unique and people were no longer addressed as just a symptom. Osteopathy truly focuses on the source of dysfunction or dis – ease and looks at alleviating pain as well as treating the cause of discomfort by addressing the source primarily.

Recovery of the patient is important, but osteopathy allows for the greater potential of joint range of motion, giving more suppleness, stretch and flexibility all of which add to a greater quality of life. Most interestingly we have all heard that “prevention is better than cure” and I strongly advocate this. Every day we work hard and develop stress along the way, stress isn’t just kept in the mind but it is displayed and expressed in your body for example tension like headaches, tight shoulders and neck, an achy jaw or non specific low back pain etc.. are all indicative of this and all of which we hardly ever think is down to our mundane repetitive lifestyles and habitual work ethic; but as always we carry on and put it to one side until it has gone too far and can no longer handle it. Ideally, it’s not great to see people at this stage but unfortunately it is inevitable. I am hoping in my time as a professional I can provide life-changing education to people of all ages where personal body health is taken seriously. Personal health care is a great importance just as much as teeth care for instance by seeing a dentist quarterly through out the year. Educating the masses on the significance of body maintenance and health care is a subject I am deeply passionate about; and my aim is to encourage a greater depth and quality in the body physiology and mechanics as we go through all stages of life rather than wait it out until it get bad enough to see someone about it. We weren’t built for that in the first place! The responsibility lies with you. “Every human being is the author of his health or disease” Buddah Osteopathy creates an environment for each individual to tackle the problem or pain should it arise; and it does this by creating a strong foundation with which to build upon – almost creating a clean slate to keep growing and developing from in any way you choose. So if pain does arise it is easily recognisable and it can be easily addressed in a shorter time span because you as a responsible individual, has taken their health seriously and are now better equipped to deal with the discomfort as you become more aware and increasingly sensitive to your bodies needs; And that may mean seeing an osteopath along the way to help your development and stay on the good healthy path. My message/ my philosophy of total health.


What I believe in

I truly believe that we are all masters and creators of our own immediate environment especially with regards to body and health. I see personal health as a unique responsibility and we have the ability and choice to do a great deal more for ourselves, as we are constantly building and creating our own picture of health. If that is the case then we can develop the health that we desire because we can do something defining and consequential about it and seek a favourable change.

‘There are no limits to what we can do; there are only plateaus and we must not stay in one place but we must go beyond them if we are capable of doing so.’ Bruce Lee

We are capable of so much more and one must not wait for any niggling discomfort or an upset in the body balance in order for us to take heed and to take action.