The most important thing to do is to “STAY ACTIVE

As we get older there is an opportunity for more leisure, travel and other worldly or leisurely interests.  It is an opportune moment to take up those sports and activities that you had little time for whilst working or bringing up a family.

The body since getting older has gone through changes, sometimes too many changes to deal with. As we get older our body becomes less elastic and becomes less flexible. It has lost some of its ability to adapt. It has also experienced injuries and postural stresses during those years, often resulting in stiffness, repetitive strain injuries and degenerative changes.

The onset of health issues such as chronic low back pain, digestive and circulatory disorders and arthritis have all started to take noticeable effect on the body’s ability to perform to its optimum.

Osteopathy can help a great deal.  Again the patient is unique, the treatment is gentle and aims to maintain health, encourage a greater range of mobility throughout the body and prevent further injury.  The osteopath can offer treatment and advice to help improve mobility, circulation and immune function, and reduce joint stiffness so that the older person can enjoy a full and active life.