I am Shane Huggins

My interest in Osteopathy began in my late teens, exhausted by the level of commitment and physical exertion of high intensity impact sports, I suffered greatly with musculo skeletal ailments, most notably lower back pain.  I underwent osteopathic treatment and quickly learnt of its great advantages over alternative treatments.

My interest continued to grow and I became fascinated by the body, it’s mechanics and its science.  My exposure in manipulation and massage broadened as a member of my family had developed near crippling lower back pain due to what is called degenerative spondylolisthesis. This required surgical intervention and spinal decompression and it was during this difficult time that I learnt more about the benefits of  touch, massage, manipulation and stretching to offer relief from pain and improve the healing process.

On leaving school I joined the British School of Osteopathy embarking on a four year course.  After graduating as a fully qualified Osteopath I worked as an assistant Osteopath  in a number of clinics in Windsor and Langley, gaining invaluable experience and expanding my range of Osteopathic treatments.

In 2007 I set my own clinic up and have been in continuous practice since and most of my recommendations come from satisfied patients.  I keep my clinical and technical skills up to date by attending regular courses, seminars and study groups/classes.

The practice embraces the highest professional standards and is known for its safe, capable and caring practices. All treatments are entirely confidential.  I am a registered member of the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association.