One of the main fundamental principles of Osteopathy is that “The body has the ability to heal itself” and the Osteopath is the facilitator in that process.

Back pain

Having trouble with your back does not always express pain in the back.

Shoulder and neck

To this day shoulder and neck symptoms are deeply expressed and reflected in our society.

Knee and ankle

Osteopathic treatment can greatly help with the recovery of ligament damage, by working with the surrounding structures of the lower body.

Sports injuries

Osteopathy can be extremely helpful improving muscle tone, encouraging suppleness of the body and keeping fit.

What We Do

Our approach is based on understanding and correcting causes of musculoskeletal issues, and we have enjoyed success with chronic long term injuries and illnesses, as well as acute episodes of pain.

At Shane Huggins Osteopathy we specialise in the relief and treatment of common problems including the back, neck and sciatica.  We understand and treat many sports-related injuries and also offer a range of wellbeing treatments including maternity, age-related conditions and dry needling.

About Shane Huggins

My name is Shane Huggins and I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2007.

Upon leaving university I did many locums across the country and worked as an associate osteopath for a number of years of which I gained invaluable experience in the process in which I was very grateful as I was able to work with and alongside some great osteopathic minds that had vast experience and a great depth of knowledge. They have taught me a great deal all of which have had a hand in positively moulding me as the osteopath I am today. 

I have been practicing as an osteopath since 2007 at my own private practice within a martial arts setting in line with my passion. I have also had the privilege to care for and treat athletes, martial art competitors as well as the general public. In the years of development I have acquired skills in advanced structural osteopathy technique, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture and kinesiology taping.

Yearly I continue with my mandatory continued practice development (CPD) to ensure my safe and best practice as a professional and licensed osteopath.


Since first being treated by Shane, some nine years ago, for severe lower back pain, I have continued to be treated on a regular basis by him, ever since.

As a regular cyclist, I often suffered back pain, particularly when travelling long distances, but can honestly say that Shane’s treatment has completely eradicated the problem.

On occasions, I experience stiffness in my back, when getting up after sleeping, but Shane has taught me how to stretch each day, to loosen up. I am proud to say that I now consider myself pretty flexible! The daily
routine, which takes about ten minutes, leaves me pain free all day. Shane is obviously a well trained and fully qualified Osteopath, who apart from being very enthusiastic and efficient, is always good fun to talk with during sessions.

I shall continue to visit him for regular toning up, for years to come and thoroughly recommend him to anyone with muscular/skeletal problems.

Don’t suffer pain; go and see Shane!


Rodney Boot

I initially went to Shane just over 7 years ago with sciatica. After a couple of sessions I was on the mend. However due to an office desk role and previous injuries, I continued to see Shane regularly. I found a session with Shane gave me more relief than the massages, I used to have.

Shane’s cranial work also helped ease the migraines I was experiencing on a regular basis. Shane is professional and always has his client’s best interest at heart. His continuous thirst for learning means we often benefit from his ever growing knowledge and skill set. I highly recommend Shane!


Stacie Bradford

Having suffered with back problems for many years and following years of physiotherapy, steroid injections and acupuncture, I was advised by one of the doctors at my surgery to try a course of osteopathy.

I was fortunate to find an osteopath locally and went for an initial consultation with Shane and have not looked back.

I found him very professional and knowledgeable and was immediately at ease
with him. He explained as he was going along the treatment that he was performing. It was the first time in a long time that I felt virtually pain free and able to stand tall. I have continued to see Shane on a monthly basis more for peace of mind knowing that a thirty minute session will iron out any kinks that might have crept back.

I would certainly recommend Shane to anyone who is suffering from similar problems and a consultation and treatment with him could make you feel a new person. I know he certainly changed my life for which I will be eternally grateful.


Christine Pyke

I have been receiving regular treatment from Shane for my various joint issues for over five years. My main problem had been diagnosed as advanced cervical spondylitis, which previous physiotherapy and even acupuncture sessions had failed to ease, but thanks to Shane I am now pain free and apart from the odd stiff morning I no longer have to turn my whole body to move my neck! As well as being an excellent osteopath he is always friendly but professional as well as ever ready to offer good advice and update his knowledge of his work. He has been a great help to several members of my family and friends and I would thoroughly recommend his services.


Alison Meik

Shane puts me completely at ease, with a calm and empathetic attitude. He explains all treatments as you are undergoing them so you can fully understand what is happening in your individual situation. He will also advise on your course if treatment and any additional exercises or stretches you can do to assist in your own recovery. I have recommended Shane to many of my friends and family.


Lynn Baxter

Dear Shane Huggins

Thank you very much for making my appointment sooner than later due to my
lower back pain.

After leaving your practice my back was so much easier in movement.

I am very happy with the service that you gave and that you listened to what I said regarding my back.

In future if this problem was to arise I would come back to your practice.

I have recommended you to family and friends as I believe you are good at your profession.

Once again Mr Huggins thanks you very much.



Sam Malik

I’ve been to see Shane for my back many times over the past several years.

He’s always been very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He is very kind and friendly.

I trust Shane with my back and osteopathy needs explicitly and over the years whenever

I’ve hurt my back, there is no-one else I’d go to for relief and help.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.


Divya Gupta

I have known Shane for many years and have had the privilege of receiving treatments from him in a casual but nevertheless professional basis.

I have always known him to be trustworthy and sincere. He is highly knowledgeable
about the body to a level that probably exceeds many GPs.

In diagnosis, Shane is reassuringly lucid in his explanations of what is going on with your body, and equally clear in explaining his recommended treatments.

Above all, he is compassionate, putting the patient (and his friends) first, often at the expense of his personal time.

If you are looking for an honest, dedicated and expert pair of hands in charge of your or your friends’ health, I cannot recommend Shane enough.”

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Tom Kaneko


Per Session