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As we continue to lead very busy and hectic lives, eating, unfortunately has become both a challenge and a hindrance to fit it in and consequently scheduled meals can often be forgone completely or left until further on in the day which can be far too late.

Some find it easier to skip breakfast and or lunch and some go the whole day without eating a substantial meal. In my many years of practice it is not uncommon for me to hear that some people will wait until the evening time to eat due to work commitments or possibly due to having no appetite and so one meal a day has become the normal. Diet and nutrition plays a major role in our everyday life and eating regularly is crucial.

Herbalife nutritional shakes can help fill that gap in the day where meals have been skipped or haven’t the time to eat.

A simple shake made in minutes can help change the way you consume food and provide the means to acquiring the nutrients that the body needs throughout the day.

Herbalife nutrition can be the supplementary aid and can provide a substantial meal replacement and or an addition to your diet that not only adds significantly to your everyday nutrition, but crucially tops up important nutrients that you may not be getting from meals day to day.

This can also be due to the lack of nutrients in the food we consume currently due to mass production and chemicals in food and so the food is no longer nutrient dense as It was before.

Essentially, the Herbalife nutritional shakes and supplements are something you can consume daily and it will significantly add to your life and wellbeing.

At Shane Huggins Osteopathy we are dedicated to excellence and we endeavour to bring you the best in health care and in so doing compliment osteopathy therapy with supplementation where it is appropriate.

Principally, osteopathy is a holistic practice in nature. The mechanical and structural correction of the body is a significant to bring around positive and lasting changes for the body, however there is also a great demand and necessity for daily good nutrition alongside, to aid and thrive in everyday life for optimum health.

Shane Huggins Osteopathy is a distributor of Herbalife.

Introducing Herbalife nutrition will supplement your diet effectively in conjunction with osteopathy treatment for wellness and well being.
Herbalife nutrition supplements will help to optimise nutrition and contribute to a well balanced diet and lifestyle.

Please contact me to discuss a diet and or nutrition plan that you desire.

Alternatively,  take the wellness profile survey to get recommendations tailored just for you. It’s quick and easy!  


Useful diet programmes are readily available on my herbalife website for you to order at your convenience.

A programme that I highly recommend to get you started on your optimal health journey, would be the “ideal breakfast – optimal “ and for the month of January 2021 we are offering a 15% discount on this package and any single order or package over £149.00 when you use “NEWSTART15” voucher
Alternatively “HEALTHKICK” will provide you a 10% discount, from January to the end of February 2021 on all orders over £80.00

Yours in good health

Shane Huggins

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